Undereye circles

Many people as they age, they develop dark hollows where the top of the cheekbone meets the under-eye. These are known as tear troughs. Tear troughs can also run in families and can occur in people even from their teens and twenties. Many people notice that these dark circles under the eyes, make them look always tired or worried even when they’re well-rested and happy.

Surgery, usually in the form of a lower eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) is a more definitive treatment especially for those with very loose skin or pronounced bags under the eyes. However, it is not always appropriate and in milder cases, careful placement of dermal fillers can help.

During your initial skin consultation, Dr Kay will provide a full review and advise on treatments,  putting together a bespoke treatment plan designed with your specific requirements in mind.

Suggested treatments for include:

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