Many people struggle with pigmentation issues, especially in olive-toned or darker tone complexions. Hyperpigmentation is often as a result of injury or inflammation which causes the over production of melanin (the substance that gives skin its darker colour), forming the characteristic dark marks on the skin which can show as freckles, sun spots, age spots, dark circles under the eyes and as melasma. This is often a source of great distress for the individual and it can be extremely difficult to treat and prevent.

The management of hyperpigmentation should first address the underlying cause (e.g. acne scarring), and then a number of treatments can be used to lighten the dark areas. Sun-protection is then essential to stop the pigmentation from recurring.

At Dr Kay Aesthetics, we have many different treatment options for pigmentation. Chemical peels are often recommended, along with specific cosmeceutical treatments. The best option for you will depend on your skin type and medical history. We use medical grade treatments from the leading brands in skin health.

During your initial skin consultation, Dr Kay will provide a full review and advise on treatments,  putting together a bespoke treatment plan designed with your specific requirements in mind.

Suggested treatments for pigmentation include:

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