Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Kay Aesthetics offer free consultations. This 30 minute session involves an indepth facial analysis and a chance to discuss your concerns and what treatment is best for you.

Please call or use the contact form to book your appointment. A £30 deposit is required to secure appointments. The deposit will be put towards any treatment you have and is deducted from the treatment price on the day. The remaining balance will be due on the day should you decide to proceed with a treatment. 

If you decide not to go ahead with treatment at your appointment, the £30 will be refunded to you upon request provided you give 48 hours notice. 

You can see a price list on the website, or request to be emailed a copy of the full price list.

Whilst there are many bespoke packages, individual quotes may vary due to quantities used and your desired outcome. Different facial appearances may require more or less treatment syringes, or the treatment itself may be different to what is listed following consultation and facial assessment. This will be discussed with you on the day of treatment.

All treatments and consultations are provided by Dr Kay who is qualified and fully insured Aesthetic Doctor.

Due to the lack of regulation, skill levels and qualifications of practitioners vary tremendously, therefore so do treatment prices. Never be tempted to choose treatment clinics based solely on their low prices or the deals they offer as these practitioners are often less skilled and usually use inferior quality or more diluted botulinum toxin. As with most things in life you get what you pay for. For your piece of mind Dr Kay only uses medical-grade and reputable products.

Dr Kay Aesthetics offer clinics which cover North East London and Essex regions. Please contact for further information and to find your nearest clinic.

You can bring along someone else to your appointment. We would prefer that you do not bring children to your appointment. However, if it cannot be avoided, please bring another responsible adult along with you to look after any children.
Children are not allowed in clinic rooms, and cannot be left alone in any other areas of the clinic.

Dr Kay Aesthetics aims to be flexible with appointments and understands that emergencies and last minute changes do occur. If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment slot, the deposit can be refunded upon request as long as you give 48 hours notice. If the notice is received after this time has elapsed, the deposit will be non-refundable.

Of course! There are no sneaky sales tactics or pressure selling as its always best to make sure you have enough time and sufficient information to make a fully informed decision about what treatment is right for you. You are more than welcome after the initial consultation to go away and decide. 

If you do decide to go ahead, you can also proceed and continue with the treatment if you wish the same day.

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